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Sign Language Interpreter

The foremost intention of this product is to provide an environment to communicate in Deaf Sign Language. This research product covers up main disabilities of deaf people. Hearing impaired people uses “sign language” to communicate between each other. This system translates text/voice into sign language using a 3D model. The system will identify each word and construct the related 3D animation of each sign and combine them automatically. Subsequently final 3D animation will act as a sign translator which demonstrates continuously. This product will be available for many platforms that can use for multiple purposes. They are mobile application, a Web browser add-on that can read article via deaf language and a standalone application to learn deaf language.

Sign Language Interpreter (SLI)

  • While the 3D model is animating, the user can change the speed of the animation and can rotate the model left and right sides to learn the exact way of showing particular sign.

  • The system will show some specific words (e.g.: Nouns) letter by letter that are not included in the gesture database.

  • User can input any length word or a phrase into SLI.

Video Demonstration

SLI For Mobile Devices

SLI as browser add-on


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